George Bogdanich

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George Bogdanich is writer and filmmaker who has worked as a journalist, publicist and author.

George Bogdanich has worked as a journalist, filmmaker, publicist, campaign consultant, often working with Serafin & Associates. As a reporter, George covered labor stories, politics and foreign affairs. George served as national press secretary for Ed Sadlowski, candidate for International President of the United Steelworkers Union and press secretary for Fred Gegare, candidate for International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He also served as press secretary for US Rep. Cardiss Collins and US Rep. George Sangmeister. As a filmmaker, he directed and produced “Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War” in 2002 and “Betrayal: When the Government Took over the Teamsters Union” in 2019. George co-authored a political memoir with former US Representative Debbie Halvorson called “Playing Ball with the Big Boys.”

George Bogdanich is a journalist, filmmaker, writer, former campaign consultant. In 2002, he produced and directed “Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War” (2002) a 165 minute, three-part documentary on the break-up of the former Yugoslavia” which was broadcast in Canada, France, Israel, Germany, Serbia and Bosnia. It was shown theatrically in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Milwaukee. It was awarded Best Social Documentary by the New York Independent Film and Video Festival and was reviewed favorably by a number of publications including the New York Times and LA Weekly.

In 2019, George completed “Betrayal: When the Government Took Over the Teamsters Union, a documentary he produced and directed. George has written about labor and politics for a number of publications including the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Nation, Progressive, Illinois Times and Huffington Post. The son of a steelworker in Gary, Indiana, George also worked several years as a steelworker and became active in the Steelworkers Union. He later served as a spokesman for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in Illinois. He later served as a campaign consultant for several members of congress and Illinois press secretary for presidential candidate Gary Hart.

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