Michael is an inspired and emotionally-intelligent leader who has recently turned his efforts to storytelling & critical thinking around socio-political themes. As an up and coming director, writer and producer of intellectual works he has quickly earned a reputation for delivering thought provoking political and social commentary to the delight of his audiences. His latest documentary, “On The Line”, first screened in front of a sold out audience on the graduate school of education campus at Harvard University.  It was in that moment, he truly recognized his calling to deliver meaningful story with a sense of purpose.  The heartfelt post-screening panel discussion reminded all in attendance of the importance for every high school and university to continue the conversation and have its’ own discussion on our country's path to recovering from formalized racial segregation.

Michael’s future film projects will continue to advance social awareness, as a means to educate widespread audiences on the importance of respecting diversity, particularly People from different cultural backgrounds and the way in which they build relationships based on mutual respect. His next feature documentary project, #eVISIVID – A Cultural Assembly is in early pre-production and appears to be on course to be just as impactful.

Mike is a native Bostonian. He grew up as an inner-city kid making the suburban trek in search of a better education and opportunity. He later attended Boston College where he received his degree in Speech Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. At the age of 18, Mike embarked upon his first entrepreneurial endeavor, becoming the first African-American male model for L.L Bean while working under contract for feature, commercial, print, runway and industrial films. At the age of 28, he invested his earnings and became CEO of a successful wireless start-up, later becoming a key business development executive for a handful of well-known technology corporations. Today, Mike is the Creative Director and CEO of LEV Media Group, specializing in media production, documentary film-making & engagement management services.

Films by Mike Mascoll

On The Line: Where Sacrifice Begins

When you think of busing in Boston, chances are it’s about a dark episode in the city’s history that sparks images of violence, intolerance, and racial tension. And while most of the historical spotlight has been on forced busing to desegregate the city’s schools and its legacy, there’s another Boston busing story that is lesser known. This film highlights one of the longest running voluntary school desegregation programs in the country, its’ historical impact on the city of Boston and those personally involved in the program itself.