Updates on Streaming on New Day's Website

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We recently upgraded our streaming interface, and we hope you’ll find the new system easier and more intuitive to use. The January 27th, 2023 update introduced three changes that we want to bring to your attention:

  1. The url for watching licensed films has moved and can now be accessed at https://account.newday.com/watch-now. Students who access films through IP or email domain authentication can be directed straight to that page. If you want to watch films you have purchased for your institution, you should log in first at https://account.newday.com/user before visiting that url.

  2. The interface for configuring your account to allow viewing with IP authentication on-campus and proxy server authentication off-campus has also moved. There is now a Streaming tab directly on your logged-in user account page. The interface for adding IP addresses for your institution is in a sub-tab titled IP Authentication. These were previously reached via the “Licensee Tools” link that was on the top right of the old streaming landing page.

  3. The stanza required for configuring EZproxy to allow access to New Day films has been changed and simplified. Instead of being required to use unique license ID information, all customers can now use the following lines for their EZproxy configuration:

T New Day Films

U https://www.newday.com

HJ https://www.newday.com

HJ https://account.newday.com

DJ newday.com

Find account.newday.com

Replace ^Saccount.newday.com^

These stanza lines now allow users to access the streaming interface directly from the film description pages on newday.com by clicking the Watch Now button below the film trailer, so members of your institution can be linked directly to a particular film page that they need to access.

We hope these changes will make it easier to view the titles in our collection. You can also visit our “Streaming Support” page at for additional information. Feel free to contact orders@newday.com with any questions about this or if you encounter any issues with purchases or streaming.

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