Jillian Karole

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Jillian is a film producer and creative distribution strategist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Philistia Films, a production company co-founded by Jillian and Ahmed, aims to bring greater awareness to Middle Eastern and Palestinian stories.

Jillian is a documentary producer and media specialist based in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in filmmaking, but switched career paths to film distribution because important films were often overlooked by mainstream media. Jillian works with filmmakers to develop projects with built-in marketing and distribution strategies. She is a co-founder of Philistia Films, a production company that gives a voice to underrepresented communities, particularly focusing on the Middle East and Palestine.

New Day Films by Jillian Karole

Awards & Accolades

Outstanding Capstone Award – New School Media Management Program
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