Isabel Hill

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Isabel Hill is an urban planner and architectural historian turned filmmaker, who has directed and produced two films about urban issues (Brooklyn Matters and Made in Brooklyn). Most recently, she has completed Blind Faith, a film about the complicated and evolving relationship between her daughter, Anna, and Anna’s blind father.

A New York–based architectural historian and community urban planner with over thirty years of experience working in cities around the country, Isabel turned to filmmaking as a way to try to democratize the development and planning process. Her films give voice to residents and civic leaders who many times are not heard and bring the larger truth in focus about what creates, and sometimes destroys, our neighborhoods. Made in Brooklyn and Brooklyn Matters have been shown on PBS stations across the country and in Canada. Isabel’s most recent film, Blind Faith, gives voice to a very different community. A personal story which was 14 years in the making about Isabel’s daughter, Anna, and her blind father, David; the film traces complex, deepening, and changing family relationships and shows the everyday but often invisible challenges that the blind community faces.

New Day Films by Isabel Hill

Awards & Accolades

INYC Independent Film Festival, Screening
American Institute of Architects, Screening
Regent Park Film Festival, Screening
Municipal Art Society, Screening
Pratt Institute, Screening
WNET, Screening
MOMA, Screening
BIEFF, Best of Category Winner
Brooklyn Arts Council Film Festival, Screening
Elliot Willensky Award
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