Her artwork has been exhibited at nationally juried shows such as New American Talent, curated by Dan Cameron senior curator The New Museum New York, and the triennial 22 to Watch at the Austin Museum of Art. Sunshine, which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival and was nationally broadcast on PBS's Emmy Award winning series, Independent Lens, is her first documentary feature as director.

Karen’s work as an editor for documentary film has been released theatrically across the USA and Europe; as well as shown on PBS, HBO, and in the MoMA. Some feature titles include Atomic Ed & the Black Hole, (dir. Ellen Spiro), Be Here to Love Me (dir. Margaret Brown), Dirt  (dir. Jeff Bowden), Writ Writer (dir. Susanne Mason), and Taken by Storm (dir. Roddy Bogawa). She also works in television, commercials and occasionally lectures at The University of Texas. She received an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin in studio art in 2005 and a bachelor’s in radio, television, and film from The University of Texas in 1999.


Films by Karen Skloss


Sunshine offers a refreshingly rare glimpse on the current day transformations taking place within the American family. Filmmaker Karen Skloss explores her own unplanned pregnancy and decision to keep the child as a single mother. Twenty-three years prior, Skloss’ biological mother faces a similar dilemma, choosing to give birth secretly in a Catholic home for unwed mothers through a closed adoption.
Woven together from more than 10 years’ worth of intimate family interviews and stylized essay-like moments, Sunshine is a compelling and uniquely crafted portrait of an adopted woman driven to search for her pride and identity while connecting with her biological mother.