Stephanie has produced and directed independent documentaries, commercials and short-form content for the past 15 years. Besides independent documentaries, Stephanie has directed pieces for Tiffany & Co, Apple Computer, Goldman Sachs, as well as television episodes for Nickelodeon, MTV and CNN. She has just completed production on her new film, Tough Love, about the U.S. child welfare system. Stephanie currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her French husband, 5-year old son and 1-year old daughter. 

Films by Stephanie Wang-Breal

Wo Ai Ni Mommy (I Love You, Mommy)

In the last decade, China was the leading country for U.S. international adoptions. Now, there are over 70,000 Chinese children being raised by American families. Eight-year old Fang Sui Yong, aka Faith Sadowksy, is just one of them. After being abandoned at 2, sent to a city orphanage for two years, and then taken in by a loving Chinese foster family, Faith's life is suddenly upended when she is adopted by Donna and Jeff Sadowsky, a Jewish family in Long Island, New York.