Ellen's newest feature, Patriot Guard Riders introduces a 250,000-strong motorcycle group who attend military funerals to honor the fallen, and to protect grieving families from harrassment by a hate group. The film has received numerous festival awards, and has been screened at community events, and in college and university classrooms around the world.  Her one-hour public television documentary, Another Side of Peace follows a combined Israeli-Palestinian support group of parents who have lost children in the conflict. It is about grief, reconciliation and hope, and it's message is simple: No More Death. The film was presented to the United Nations Subcommittee on Reconciliation, and has been broadcast in the United States and internationally. Ellen has been on the production team for several projects broadcast on PBS. These include: PERFECT ILLUSIONS: EATING DISORDERS AND THE FAMILY, a one-hour PBS documentary exploring the role of the family in the development of eating disorders in teenage girls; PIKE PLACE MARKET: THE SOUL OF A CITY, an HDTV documentary about the rich history, community and culture of Seattle's world-famous public market; and THE RHONA DISASTER, a one-hour documentary for PBS and The History Channel, about the sinking of a troop ship in WWII.

Films by Ellen Unher Frick

Another Side of Peace

Roni Hirshenzon is a 60-year-old Israeli man who has suffered as much as any parent can imagine. Both of his sons are dead. Each died at the age of 19 as a direct result of the conflict in the region. Putting hatred and anger aside, Roni co-founded the Parents Circle, a support group for bereaved families, Israelis and Palestinians together. Another Side of Peace follows Roni's efforts to reach reconciliation and to come to terms with the deaths of his sons. He works with his Palestinian partners to connect with other bereaved families in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Their message is simple: No More Death. Another Side of Peace provides a provocative and intimate look at the human side of the conflict, and the healing power of communication and reconciliation. This story reminds us that humanity can supersede politics.

Patriot Guard Riders

Patriot Guard Riders takes us on a solemn ride to funerals of soldiers killed in action.  Our guides are a 250,000-strong motorcycle group that formed to protect grieving families from harassment by a hate group. The riders escort fallen soldiers from airfield to grave, and form a protective shield of honor and respect. Soldiers are dying and families are suffering. The film reveals an unlikely but powerful bond between the riders, the grieving families and the military. Their stories chronicle a new kind of patriotism in America, where we honor the troops even if we don't believe in the war.