Her most recent documentary Care pulls back the curtain on the hidden world of home elder care.  It was supported by the MacArthur Foundation, The Ford Foundation/Just Films and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  It is currently on a national community screening tour and will broadcast on America Reframed in the fall of 2017.  Other credits include: Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65, Sperm Donor X and The Boy Game all distributed by New Day Films, as well as an on-line documentary SUIDICE ON CAMPUS produced in conjunction with the New York Times Magazine.

Deirdre attended the American Film Institute's directing program.  She has an MFA from Hunter College a BA from Brown University. She is an Associate Professor and Director of the BFA in Film/Video at the City College of New York. She lives in Brooklyn with her daughters Lucia and Maeve.  

Films by Deirdre L Fishel


Care pulls back the curtain on the poignant and largely hidden world of in-home elder care. Beautifully shot and deeply moving, the film reveals the complex nature of care work, the intimate bonds that form between care workers and elders—and the cracks in a system that is poorly serving both.

The Boy Game

The Boy Game tackles bullying among boys at its core:the culture of toughness and silence boys live by. Targets need to be protected, absolutely, but rather than vilify bullies, The Boy Game looks to unpack the the complex dynamics that lead some boys to bully and the majority to stand watching in silent conflict.Michael Kimmel, Pulitzer Prize nominated author of Manhood in Americasays, "If the conversation about bullying is going to advance this is the project that will help us advance it."

Sperm Donor X: A Different Conception

It's not like most little girls think "oh I can't wait to grow up and pick my sperm over the Internet." But the truth is right now only 6% of American children will grow up in a "traditional family"  and we're lucky to have some of the best reproductive options worldwide.    Director Deirdre Fishel takes an intimate, behind the scenes look at her own experiences and that of three other diverse women as they go on a trip they never imagined--to try to have children solo using donor sperm.


Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65


Flying in the face of this culture's extreme ageism, Still Doing It explores the lives of older women. Partnered, single, straight, gay, black and white; nine extraordinary women, age 67-87, express with startling honesty and humor how they feel about themselves, sex and love in later life and the poignant realities of aging. Outspoken for their generation, these women mark a sea change. Women over 65 have been the fastest growing part of the population for decades, but with boomers turning 65, the number of older women is skyrocketing.  Still Doing It looks at this society's complex relationship to women and aging with surprising and revelatory results.