She recently produced nine short videos for a permanent museum exhibit on American Indian culture and environment issues for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. Ferrero also teaches film production in the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University.

Films by Pat Ferrero

Hearts and Hands

The film chronicles the lives of ordinary women as well as individuals such as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckley, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway through the great 19th century events: industrialization, abolition, the Civil War, westward movement, temperance and suffrage. For nineteenth century women, quilts were the podium, the pulpit and the judges' gavel, which their society denied them. Their quilts speak the language of abolition, patriotism, politics, social justice and westward expansion.

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World is a compelling study of the Hopi that captures their deep spirituality and reveals their integration of art and daily life.

Yield to Total Elation: The Life and Art of Achilles Rizzoli

Yield to Total Elation explores the life and work of the enigmatic and visionary artist Achilles G. Rizzoli. A mundane architectural draftsman by day, the architectural transcriber of the divine by night, Rizzoli created elaborate Beaux-Arts influenced monuments which would never be built. Accompanied by his witty and poignant commentary, the drawings served as translations for the voices and the hallucinations that haunted him. By deftly weaving Rizzoli's words, archival footage, photos and evocative present day scenes of San Francisco's historic architecture, the film tells the story of Rizzoli's life and his work -- an exaltation of architecture as pleasure, as memorial, as redemption.

Quilts in Women's Lives

A series of first person portraits of seven quilt makers, including a Mennonite, a Bulgarian immigrant, an African American, and two mid Western sisters. They provide insights into the inspiration for their work and reveal their passion and love for an art form that reflects their values and philosophy of life.