MEET NEW DAY: Sofian Khan

Director Sifian Khan looks at the camera with a television on the background.

I'm Sofian Khan, the founder of Capital K Pictures, dedicated to creating impactful nonfiction films with a social justice mission and a member of New Day since 2017. A proud Pakistani-American, my work often delves into the immigrant experience. One of my significant projects is An Act of Worship, a polyphonic portrait spanning the last 30 years of Muslim life in America. Through the lens of American Muslims, the film challenges prevailing narratives, offering a unique perspective on pivotal moments in U.S. history and exploring the profound impact of anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies on a generation that came of age post-9/11.

The genesis of An Act of Worship was a response to Trump's Muslim Ban. In collaboration with Nausheen Dadabhoy, I co-directed a short film on the subject in 2017. Realizing the depth of the story, we embarked on a five-year journey to craft a feature-length version that delves into the history of Islamophobia, reaching back over three decades. Nausheen directed, and I took on the producer role to support her ambitious vision. The result is a film that intimately captures the emotional essence of being a Muslim in America, providing a counter narrative to media representations.

The film's evolution mirrors our own transformation—from a fast-paced response to unfolding events to a more reflective exploration of personal experiences within the Muslim community. A pivotal moment during filming involved a workshop with Palestinian-American organizer Aber Kawas, where a timeline on the wall became a visual device, chronicling incidents of Islamophobia. As individuals who grew up amid the post-9/11 fear, witnessing the current generation's outspoken and unapologetic embrace of their identity was a source of hope during the filmmaking process. Premiering at Tribeca in the summer of 2022 and subsequently airing on PBS POV, An Act of Worship has been instrumental in sparking nuanced conversations and workshops across the country, especially relevant in addressing the resurgence of Islamophobic attacks.

My other documentaries in New Day's catalog include The Interpretersand Gaucho del Norte. I invite you to watch the trailers and learn more about An Act of Worshipand my other films.

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