Yoyo Li

Introduction (2-3 lines)

Yoyo Li is a Chinese documentary filmmaker based in LA, her films focus on the social justice topics in underdeveloped areas in China.

Raised in China by university art professors, Yoyo grew tired of being censored by the Chinese government as she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Film Directing at the Communication University of China. Yoyo embarked on her own journey to Los Angeles and received her Masters in Film Production at Loyola Marymount University. Her experience of being a Director and DP of documentary films had a very profound effect on her vision as a storyteller. Her documentaries observe how class and regional lines collide to debunk Chinese propaganda about equality in that country.

Yoyo Li is an international documentary filmmaker whose films have been awarded Jury Prizes, played at Cannes, and selected to be work-shopped at the esteemed Film Independent Lab. In addition to documentary filmmaking, Yoyo is a Property Master working in film and televation in LA.

Her first documentary feature film We Are Nowhere is in development.

New Day Films by Yoyo Li

Awards & Accolades

Golden Reel Award Nomination at the 33rd Asian Pacific Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) Best Documentary Short Nomination at 2017 St. Louis International Film Festival Won GOLD KAHUNA AWARD at 2017 HONOLULU FILM AWARDS DOCUMENTARY SHORT COMPETITION Be
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