Cediel was also the Co-Producer on "Post Mortem", a collaborative reporting project between Frontline, NPR and ProPublica, looking at death investigation in America.

Cediel has produced pieces on refugees of violence in Colombia, environmental justice in Ecuador, and Native American burial desecration in California. He worked as a Master Video Teacher in KQED’s Education Network, and was awarded a Visual Arts Fellowship by Arts Council Silicon Valley for 2007.

Cediel graduated from Brown University and received a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of California at Berkeley. Currently he is a producer for Frontline. 


Films by Andres Cediel


“Shellmound” is the story of how one location was transformed from a sacred center of pre-historic cultures to a commercial mecca for modern people. What began as a Native American burial ground three thousand years ago, was transformed first into an amusement park, and later an industrial age paint factory. Now, the tainted ancient soil sits beneath the glittering lights of Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, and the AMC movie theaters.

“Shellmound” examines the decisions made during the recent toxic cleanup, excavation, and construction of the Bay Street mall through the eyes of the city of Emeryville, the developer, the archaeologists, and the native Californians who worked on the site.