Alan Kondo received his Bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto, and his Master's degree from Loyola Marymount University. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he became a key creative force at Visual Communications, the nation’s premier Asian Pacific American media arts center, and created both independent motion pictures and corporate videos. A retired financial planner and wealth adviser, he continues to give his time and talent generously to community organizations such as Keiro Senior Healthcare, Little Tokyo Service Center, Japanese American Community and Cultural Center, Japanese American National Museum, East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center, and Japanese American Cultural and Community Center Northern California. Alan was a recipient of the Steven Tatsukawa Memorial Fund Award, given to individuals committed to the progress of the Asian Pacific American community. He is a regular columnist in the Rafu Shimpo on retirement and estate planning topics. He is the author of the book Path to Antei, A Japanese American Guide to Financial Success and a contributing author on Giving: Philanthropy for Everyone.

Films by Alan Kondo

...I Told You So

…I TOLD YOU SO weaves scenes of Japanese American poet and professor Lawson Inada’s life with his writings.