Cheryl Green, MFA, MS integrates her degrees in Performance As Public Practice and Speech-Language Pathology to explore how story can be used to break down stigma and barriers. She began making films after acquiring disabilities from brain injury. Her media combine personal narrative and activism to create dynamic tools that critically challenge misconceptions and stereotypes of disability, celebrate pride in disability experiences, and amplify marginalized voices. Within the brain injury community specificially, Cheryl's work creates a platform for people to use the arts to increase connectedness and to promote dialogue and change within the larger community. She has served on the Board of Directors for Disability Art and Culture Project and for Brain-injury Information Referral and Resource Development (BIRRDsong). She volunteered with the National Black Disability Coalition and Portland Commission on Disability and currently volunteers with Portland Community Media (cable access TV) and KBOO Community Radio. Her artistic goals focus on making media accessible, cross-disability collaboration, and building equity.

Films by Cheryl Green

Who Am I To Stop It

Three everyday people with traumatic brain injury disabilities use arts to reconnect to a sense of identity, self-pride, and community and to assert their agency and autonomy. This feature-length documentary centers the artists’ narratives, creating complex portraits that go beyond the medical aspects of brain injury that typically dominate educational media on the topic.

This film contains mature themes and adult language. Three short films, each focused on one person in the film, now available along with the original 86-minute film on New Day Streaming, DVD, and Kanopy.