She also produced and directed two short magazine style television pieces; Forgotten Children, about Guatemalan street kids, and Mystery Disease, about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition to her documentary work, she also edited for corporate video, news, and cable channels like HGTV (The Home and Garden Channel). Before becoming a freelancer, she edited for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic in both features and commercials. She has a Master's Degree in Education from San Francisco State University, a Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Language Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

Films by Heidi Schmidt Emberling

Spirit of the Dawn

"Education is your most powerful weapon. With it, you are the whiteman's equal, without it, you are his victim." Chief Plentycoups, last Crow Chief

Spirit of the Dawn explores the dramatic changes in Indian education from the boarding schools of the past, where children were beaten for speaking their language in school, to the more culturally-sensitive classrooms of today.

Tangled Roots

More than 55 years after the end of World War II, Germans and Jews still struggle with the difficult legacies of war. Filmmaker Heidi Schmidt Emberling confronts her German father and Jewish mother about the devastating secrets and painful silence about the past as she struggles to reconcile her dual identity as both a German and a Jew.