Stream Forever! Own the Whole Collection!

A large group of people of various races, ethnicities and genders mill around in a city street at the People’s Climate March. Several people hold posters up, three of which are yellow films with the New Day Films logo on them. Tall city buildings rise up on either side of the frame.

New Day Films is excited to announce that we now offer two new streaming options through the New Day Digital streaming platform.

Customers can now purchase a film stream for the “Life Of File” through New Day and can also buy the New Day Collection as a whole. It couldn’t be easier. No special equipment or software is needed, other than a high-speed internet connection.

With a “Life of File” stream, your New Day title is available to stream in perpetuity – the license will never expire. New Day provides a link based on your IP address or IP address range. After your purchase, simply add this data to your account profile. Your New Day film will be available on demand to anyone at your institution.

The “New Day Collection” stream gives you access to over 200 social issue documentary films curated for their quality and usefulness in the educational sphere. With a Collection Stream, professors and students have unlimited access to award-winning and discussion-starting teaching tools on-demand without the friction of coordinating individual purchases. New Day offers the Collection Stream for a flat fee in 1 year and 3 year licenses. As our collection grows, so does yours. With a Collection Stream you have instant, on-demand access to our complete collection as it grows so institutions are up-to-date and constantly expanding their educational video repertoire.

For more information about these great new offers, contact Karen Knox at New Day Films (

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