Michelle Plascencia

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I seek to support filmmakers by creating strategic collaborative planning in order to amplify social movements through powerful audiovisual storytelling. I also love mountain adventures, hiking, biking, running and delightful cuisine from all over the world.

Michelle is a cultural organizer and an impact producer based in Mexico City. She directed the Good Pitch program in México 2020 & 2022, as the Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator at DocsMX, a documentary film platform in Mexico City. She co founded Impacta Cine, the first film and social impact collective in Mexico aimed at working with filmmakers to design and implement impact campaigns, and is a co-coordinator of GIPA, Global Impact Producers Alliance, a community led network to support and uplift impact practitioners around the globe. In March 2022, she culminated the Creative Leadership Program led by Goldsmith University and presented by British Council Mexico.

New Day Films by Michelle Plascencia

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