Julia Pimsleur

Introduction (2-3 lines)

Brother Born Again is Julia Pimsleur's first feature length film as a director. Pimsleur is a documentary film producer and executive director of a not for profit organization, MediaRights.org. MediaRights.org is a community web site which helps media makers, educators, nonprofits, and activists use documentaries to encourage action and inspire dialogue on contemporary social issues. In 1997, Pimsleur founded Big Mouth Productions with Katy Chevigny to produce social issue documentaries. Their recent films include "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" and "Nuyorican Dream", broadcast on HBO and Cinemax ReelLife respectively. Pimsleur is a Board Member of ITVS and a volunteer job counselor at the Fortune Society for ex-offenders. She holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a graduate degree from the French National Film School (FEMIS).

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