Joann Self Selvidge

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Joann Self Selvidge is a Memphis-based artist, filmmaker, and strategist. Her documentaries explore issues of racial justice, work, agency, and creativity. Her fiber arts practice transforms naturally dyed textiles and materials from her life as a “medical mom” into improv quilts, makeshift altars, and soft sculpture. She has contributed to the movement for justice and safety as a coalition coordinator, grant writer, and facilitator.

Joann Self Selvidge is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced, directed, and edited more than two dozen projects, including features, shorts, series and multimedia installations under the banner of her documentary production group, True Story Pictures. Her feature film Juvenile: Five Stories received Evident Change’s 2023 Distinguished Achievement Award, which recognizes "profound insight into the realities of our nation's social systems and the way they impact people and communities."

Based in Memphis, Joann has spent her entire professional career building solutions for collective healing in the nonprofit and creative sectors. She has served in various roles in justice and safety movement spaces, including as coalition coordinator, strategist, adult advisor to a youth justice action council, grant writer, and antiracist results-based accountability facilitator. Since 2007, she has partnered with co-director Sarah Fleming to make films about the intersection of mental health and the legal systems.

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