Esther Cassidy

Introduction (2-3 lines)

Before making Enemies of War, Cassidy was a coordinating producer of Barbara Kopple's 1990 Academy Award-winning feature documentary film American Dream, producer with Kopple of the 1997 With Liberty and Justice for All (Part I and II) and co-producer of Civil Rights the Struggle Continues.

She was also series associate producer of The Question of Equality, an ITVS documentary series broadcast on PBS stations in the United States, and broadcast and released theatrically in England. In addition, Cassidy was associate producer of the 1995 Sundance Film Festival Audience Choice Award winner, Ballot Measure 9; the 1991 documentary Casting the First Stone, broadcast on P.O.V.; and On the Bridge, acclaimed film director Frank Perry's documentary film. Cassidy was also consulting producer of the Peabody Award-winning A Healthy Baby Girl (ITVS), also broadcast on P.O.V. She worked on An American Love Story, the award-winning 1999 ITVS/PBS/American Playhouse documentary series. Currently, Cassidy is producing The Case of Edward Lee Elmore, about an innocent man on South Carolina death row, and The Land of Hope and Freedom, a documentary about the struggle of two immigrant women to free their brother from an unjust detention.

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