Susanne produces and researches archival film footage and photography for documentaries, including RICHARD LINKLATER - DREAM IS DESTINY (American Masters, 2017); A SINGLE FRAME (2014); REQUIEM FOR A RUNNING BACK (2016); THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA: DANIEL ELLSBERG AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS; WHEN I RISE; and ANNE BRADEN: SOUTHERN PATRIOT. She has served as associate producer of a variety of public television programs, including ARE THE KIDS ALRIGHT? (2004 Regional PBS); STRUGGLE IN THE FIELDS (1996 National PBS); SONGS OF THE HOMELAND (1994, National PBS); and GO BACK TO MEXICO! (1994, Frontline, National PBS), and as audio and video producer for interactive educational programming. She served as editor and co-producer on OUR BOMBS, a documentary-in-progress. Mason has written, produced and directed short documentaries about the history of Austin, Texas, for the Save Our Springs Alliance and Watershed Productions, including TOWN IN TRANSITION, a film about growth in the Texas capital between 1950-1975. Mason's first film, STORIES FROM THE RIVERSIDE (1993), explores domestic homicide through the stories of three women incarcerated for murdering their abusive husbands, and received a Silver Apple from the National Educational Film & Video Festival, and a Directors' Choice Award from the Black Maria Film & Video Festival, among other honors.

Films by Susanne Mason

Writ Writer

Winner of the 2009 Silver Gavel Award, Writ Writer portrays the 1960s Texas prison reform movement.