Annie Small produced the Oscar® Winning Documentary Short film COLETTE, directed by Anthony Giacchino and released by The Guardian. An educator-turned-film producer, films Annie has produced have played at Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, IDFA, Berlinale, SXSW, AFI Docs, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, and more.

Annie produced Guille Isa and Angello Faccini’s New York Times OpDoc Dulce, an Oscar-qualifying documentary short. The first film Annie produced, Rose Bush’s Vultures of Tibet, was nominated for an International Documentary Association award for Best Documentary Short as well as a Student Academy Award. She’s Co-Producer for PJ Raval’s award-winning PBS feature documentary Before You Know It, and Co-Producer for Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s feature documentary Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators, released by Hulu.

As a producer, Annie is passionate about connecting films to targeted audiences while raising challenging questions that expand our collective understanding. She is co-founder of OUTsider Festival, Austin’s queer multi-arts festival and academic conference, and a member of New Day Films, the longest-running distribution cooperative for independent documentary filmmakers.

If Annie’s not dancing or singing karaoke, she’s telling stories about what it was like growing up with six brothers and sisters.  

Films by Annie Small

Vultures of Tibet

Sky Burial, a private ritual where the bodies of Tibetan dead are offered to wild griffon vultures, becomes a tourist attraction in Chinese modernized Tibet. This intimate window illuminates an ideological conflict often hidden to the outside world confronting the potential for oppression in the act of observation.


The subjects of BEFORE YOU KNOW IT are no ordinary senior citizens. They are go-go booted bar-hoppers, love struck activists, troublemaking baton twirlers, late night Internet cruisers, seasoned renegades and bold adventurers. They are also among the estimated 2.4 million lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans over the age of 55 in the United States, many of whom face heightened levels of discrimination, neglect and exclusion. But BEFORE YOU KNOW IT is not a film about cold statistics and gloomy realities, it’s a film about generational trailblazers who have surmounted prejudice and defied expectation to form communities of strength, renewal and camaraderie. An affirmation of life and human resilience told with humor and candor, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT confirms that you are never too old to reshape society.