New Day Films is a unique, filmmaker-run distribution company, providing award-winning films to educators, community groups, government agencies, public libraries and businesses since 1971. Democratically run by more than 150 filmmaker members, New Day delivers hundreds of titles that illuminate, challenge and inspire. New Day was initially formed because the women's movement had arrived and a group of independent filmmakers were unable to find a distributor for their feminist films—so they decided to create one. Today, New Day members sustain the ideals that inspired the company's formation in 1971 - partnership, great stories and changing the world - and curate its collection to encompass a wide range of subject areas. 

New Day has continued to deliver dynamic, provocative storytelling for more than four decades. Our members carefully select all the films in our collection. New Day titles have won an Academy Award, 9 Academy Award nominations, 4 Emmys, and hundreds of awards at prestigious film festivals. New Day films have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and other media outlets. Because our members both make and distribute their own films, New Day is equally committed to making high quality films and to finding and engaging the audiences that can most benefit from them. As the digital landscape evolves, New Day works hard to deliver its films in the formats that best suit customer needs.

New Day functions as a participatory democracy whose organizational structure and business practices embody the values promoted by its films.