Who we are

New Day Films is a filmmaker-run distribution company, providing social issue documentaries to educators and community groups since 1971. We are a group of engaged filmmakers, provocateurs, change makers, allies and activists. We care about the state of the world and create films that rock the boat and inspire impact and change.

Over the past nearly 50 years, New Day has developed a strong brand within the educational community, built an immense knowledge base on effective distribution and marketing, and grown revenues to nearly $1 million annually. When you join New Day, you become part of a dynamic, democratically run collective of filmmakers.

We sell our films to universities, colleges, high schools, public libraries, community groups, and political and religious organizations. Our collective model empowers each of us to maintain ownership of our films. 

New Day is often at the forefront of new distribution strategies, such as: hosting our own streaming platform with multiple licenses;  and being one of the first companies to offer a “life of file” streaming license, in demand by academic users. New Day provides filmmakers with invaluable infrastructure necessary to be successful and have sustainable careers. 

Why distribute with New Day?

  • New Day Films is a strong, well-respected brand within the educational and community markets.
  • We are a vibrant, creative filmmaking community and network, sharing resources and knowledge about filmmaking and distribution.
  • We each make marketing and distribution decisions about our own films, allowing us to maintain ownership and control of our films.
  • Filmmakers keep an average of 50-80% of our gross sales (versus 20-45% with traditional distributors). The remaining percentage covers New Day’s expenses, including marketing and advertising, website and streaming maintenance, and a general manager, who runs our central office.
  • New Day’s central office handles all invoicing, monthly accounting and royalty distributions.
  • Our dedicated fulfillment house takes care of all transactions and sales, including shipping and handling.
  • New members receive thorough training in best practices in marketing and distribution, including being paired with a mentor for their first year in the co-op.
  • Each year we host an annual meeting for all members to make co-op decisions, learn from expert guest speakers, and take advantage of peer-to-peer training and support.

How New Day works

While New Day has a marketing team, as member-owners of the co-op we are expected to actively market our own films as well. New Day promotes and markets the entire collection through our website, streaming platform, promo emails, newsletters and select conferences. If you do not want to remain actively involved in the outreach and engagement of your film, including time and effort to promote and sell your title, then New Day is not for you. Our model is self-distribution within a supportive collective.

All members perform a job to support the running of the co-op. Jobs include marketing, research, web operations, finance team, acting as a buddy to new members, outreach to new films and members, or serving on the Steering Committee, which is New Day’s working board. Members are expected to dedicate approximately 40 hours of work every six months.

How to apply

New Day Films welcomes new films and filmmakers into our co-op as member-owners. With a commitment to representation, we add titles to our collection that address social issues and present stories from underrepresented communities. We also recognize that our commitment to social justice requires being conscious of who is telling those stories. We value diverse representation in our film collection and in our membership, and invite filmmakers of all backgrounds to apply.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. A curatorial team made up of New Day members reviews all submissions. Both the film AND the filmmaker are considered in the peer review process. Once we receive your submission, you will be notified of your status within 4-6 weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about New Day membership, please attend one of our monthly one-hour webinars. Sign up here.  

If you have other questions, please contact acquisitions@newday.com.

New Day is not:

  • A funder. New Day Film does not provide funding of any kind. We are a group of independent filmmakers who create and distribute our own films as a collective. We do not provide any financial support for production, finishing funds or distribution advances.
  • A traditional distributor. New Day Films accepts films and the filmmaker as a member-owner. We do not distribute your film for you, rather New Day provides the infrastructure to help you self-distribute your work.