Anna Yeo is a filmmaker and self-taught animation artist. She is drawn to funny and bittersweet stories about impermanence, intimacy, and belonging.

Anna is a filmmaker who made her first stop-motion animation film at sixteen using an old lamp and a camera set on a stack of books. The film was subsequently an Official Selection at the 2015 White House Student Film Festival, and Anna was recognized as one of ten Honored Makers at the National Week of Making for another stop-motion film. In high school she started a photo/video collective with dear friends and worked on video projects for local nonprofits and community organizations. She attended Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor’s in Film Studies and Economics. Anna is working on Try Harder! as an Impact Producer and Designer and is in post-production on two experimental animation short films of her own. Her work can be found online at

Films by Anna Yeo


“One wrong answer on a test could potentially mean the difference between an A and a B, or a B and C, which would be a difference in your overall grade, which would be a difference in your GPA, which would be a difference in your college and everything else…” Alvan, senior at Lowell High School