Faith Pennick directed, produced and edited the documentary Silent Choices, her first feature-length film. Pennick also wrote, directed, produced and edited the award-winning narrative short, Running on Eggshells, that aired on U.S. television in the fall of 2007. She also produced the narrative short film Harlem Sistas Double Dutch.Harlem Sistas aired on the WNET/New York film series Reel New York in 2005. Pennick's latest documentary, Weightless, is about plus-size femaie scuba divers.

Films by Faith Pennick

Silent Choices

Silent Choices is about abortion and its impact on the lives of African American women. The film is a "hybrid" documentary: part historical piece, part social and religious analysis and part first-person narrative. From African Americans' cautious involvement with Margaret Sanger during the early birth control movement to black nationalists and civil rights activists who staunchly opposed abortion (or stayed silent on the issue), "Silent Choices" examines the juxtaposition of racial and reproductive politics. Three black women also share their stories of the abortions they had, including a woman's wrenching tale of the illegal procedure she endured. African Americans who oppose abortion were also interviewed, and the film wraps up with a montage of responses to a comment made by one of the pro-lifers, that abortion is a white woman's issue.