The film mixes interviews and puppetry to tell five stories about violence against women in Thailand.

"Men are Human, Women Are Buffalo is a powerful new documentary that addresses a pervasive global Human Rights violations -- violence against women. While the film focuses on Thailand, I believe that the issues it addresses pertains to the problems women face all over the world. The stories of five women are sensitively and creatively dramatized through the use of interviews and shadow puppets.This film needs to be seen by students, professors, lawyers and all those concerned with this global epidemic."

Younghee Overly, President of UNIFEM/USA North Carolina Chapter

A country that is promoted to western tourists as a fairytale land of beautiful beaches, pristine countryside, cheap vacations, and a thriving sex trade industry, Thailand is also one of the developing countries with the highest incidence of violence against women. Approximately 44 percent of women in Thailand have indicated that they have suffered sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by a partner or a stranger. While these five stories are culturally specific, their commonality with the experiences of other women will provoke productive discussions about incidence of violence against women around the world.