Since its formation in 1971, New Day has operated as a collective and is democratically run by more than 100 filmmaker members. Our management team is elected from the membership, and every member plays an important role in operations.

Once a year, all New Day members gather from across the United States for a four-day conference to democratically make decisions about our business and to elect the Steering Committee, New Day’s management team. In addition to marketing our individual films, all active members volunteer time to run the business, from acquisition to promotion, website to finance. Throughout the year, we perform tasks, communicate on-line about major issues and meet regionally to select new films. To ensure transparent communication and effective fulfillment, New Day enlists professional partners to support our operations.

The Current New Day Steering Committee

Chair, Christie Herring

Equity and Representation, Brenda Avila-Hanna

Marketing, Kathy Huang and Ellen Brodsky

Acquisitions, Tony Heriza

Digital Operations, Cheryl Green

Launch and Member Services, Robin Lung

Financial Operations, Jay Rosenstein

General Operations, Sophie Sartain

Strategic Facilitator

Elizabeth Seja Min

Manager, Central Office

Karen Knox