To facilitate remote learning, New Day Films is providing a new way for students to access streaming films purchased by their school while not on campus. This feature is available to any institution with a .edu or .org email domain, though it can be made available to insitutions with other domains upon request.

Students at your institution should be instructed to fill out this form to request access to view their school's films:

Screenshot of the email authentication form.

After entering their address into the form, students will receive an email with a single-use link that allows them to temporarily log into the site:

After clicking the authentication link, the student will confirm their email and be brought to the Watch Now page that lists streaming films they currently have access to watch:

Screenshot of watch now list of films.

Clicking the name of a film will bring the student to the film overview page, where they can learn more about the film, and view it by pressing the orange Watch Now button:

Screenshot of a film overview page.

Note: If your institution has licensed the full New Day collection, the Watch Now page will instruct your students to view our film page to watch any title in the catalog:

Screenshot of watch now list page with collection message.

Note that even though we are adding this new way for students and faculty to view films that have been licensed by members of their institution, on-campus and proxy server authentication is still available based on registered IP addresses.

Any existing customers that would like to use this feature should simply log in with their registered New Day Films username and password, and visit the Watch Now list page.

If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification and assistance.