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Into the Dark

April 19, 2022
As a photographer, filmmaker, and scientist, I use my knowledge of visual storytelling and conservation to tell stories that drive social impact. At its core, my work is an exploration of the dynamic, two-way relationship between environmental change and cultural change.

Meet New Day: Hira Nabi

March 14, 2022
I am an artist and filmmaker and I tell everyday stories in unusual ways. Currently I’m concerned with meditations on the environment including the oftentimes unseen, as well as the slow process of re-earthing.  My intention is to shift from anthropocentric stories and focus more on interconnecting and witnessing the times in which we live. 

Meet New Day: Angela Golden Bryan

February 5, 2022
I grew up on the island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands, and whenever we had gatherings the adults would sit around and tell jokes and stories. I’d pretend to be playing, while I listened, since it was considered rude to listen to adult conversations. I heard many stories while eavesdropping on adults, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I heard the story of how my ancestors were involved in the bloody labor revolt known as the Fireburn.

Meet New Day: LeeAnn Dance

January 4, 2022
I suppose I was destined to end up first in journalism and then making documentaries.  I realized at a young age that I was sensitive to injustice, whether it was my brother tricking me into a phone call to the wrong number, or one country “colonizing” another. Injustice made me mad, and it’s what drew me into journalism. I also wasn’t content to think local, and my first real-world experience was as a freelancer in East Africa. I was a lot less risk-averse then.

Meet New Day: Nat Ruiz Tofano and Todd McGrain

November 20, 2021
When we were in graduate school, what brought us together was a strong belief that art can touch each of us in a way that ideas and intellect alone cannot. I (Todd) am a sculptor, artist, and filmmaker and have worked for many years creating sculptural monuments to birds that have been victims of human-caused extinction. I (Nat) am an independent documentary film producer and programmer for the documentary field.

Meet New Day: Myles Matsuno

November 18, 2021
I am a filmmaker born and raised in Los Angeles who is passionate about telling stories that carry meaningful and empowering messages. Growing up in a mixed household, (My father is Japanese, and my mother is Mexican), I was taught, at a very young age, to value education, inclusion, and art. The films I make revolve around universal themes that I personally value and can relate to.

Meet New Day: Joe Phelps and Rosemary Smith

September 18, 2021
We began working together in 2018. I (Joe) spent early years in the music industry as a drummer and band leader, but later started a marketing company centered on a team-based structure and integrated marketing communications. In 2015 I launched the Getting Better Foundation, which focused on supporting media literacy education in schools and legislative efforts, building trust and resilience, and reducing polarization and racism. The film, TRUST ME, was a clear next step in our mission. 

Meet New Day: Baldwin Chiu and Larissa Lam

April 30, 2021
We are a Chinese American husband-wife filmmaking team from California who are passionate about empowering and educating others through film. We are actively working to broaden the way American history is taught and discussed so that it is more inclusive of the Asian American experience and other underrepresented groups. Prior to becoming a film director, I (Larissa) worked in the music industry for 20 years as a singer-songwriter and composer for projects like The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Meet New Day: Olga Lvoff and Victor Ilyukin

February 26, 2021
We (Olga Lvoff and Victor Ilyukhin) have been friends for many years.  We met in college in Moscow and then found ourselves at the same graduate school in the United States. We share the same interests and have a mutual understanding of an artistic and ethical approach to documentary filmmaking. So, we came together to make our first collaboration on an important and often misunderstood mental condition, dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Meet New Day: Lisa Molomot

January 29, 2021
I am a documentary filmmaker based in the American Southwest. Since immigration issues are front and center here, my most recent documentaries focus on immigration and immigrant communities. My new award-winning short, Soledad, is a unique look at the asylum process told firsthand by an asylum seeker from Central America. This brave woman, along with an all-women legal team, fight for Soledad’s right to gain asylum in this country.


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