Distribute with New Day

How New Day Works

Self-distribution within a collective is New Day’s operational model. New Day markets the entire collection through our website, catalog, emails and newsletters, while each filmmaker is responsible for direct marketing of her or his own film(s) using postcards and email as well as speaking engagements.


Self-distribution: New Day filmmakers devote resources and time to marketing their own films through their own mail and email campaigns. Typically each filmmaker runs two campaigns, one for the fall academic semester and one for the spring. We market to both existing New Day buyers as well as lists of prospective buyers obtained from list brokers. Members share details of the best list brokers, designers, post-card production houses and mail houses.
Additional marketing activities undertaken by New Day members include telemarketing, obtaining reviews in professional journals, attending conferences, entering festivals, and organizing educational and benefit screenings. All filmmakers are responsible for producing professionally made and packaged copies of their own films. When new filmmakers join, they are paired with two buddies, one to mentor and support direct marketing efforts, and the second, who has a film in a similar subject area, to aid with market targeting.

Collective: New Day’s website devotes a single web page to each film in the collection. In addition, New Day markets the entire collection through direct mailing of the New Day catalogue and newsletters, which are sent regularly to over 20,000 librarians and educators.

Buyers are directed to the website and provided with New Day fax/phone to place orders. New Day’s central fulfillment office then processes these orders including billing, shipping and handling. Every month New Day sends all members royalty statements and checks, which cover sales minus the costs of booking, shipping and invoicing as well as New Day’s monthly overhead.

The share of New Day’s overhead paid by each film is based on the film’s revenue; those films earning more pay a higher absolute amount but a lower percentage of revenue; this “share ladder” is set twice a year and approved by the Steering Committee. New Day’s overhead covers the costs of running the central office, printing the catalogue, advertising New Day, outside consultants and travel expenses to the annual meeting. New members pay an initial $100 membership fee but are excused from shared expenses for the first six months of membership so they can conserve cash to invest in their individual promotion.

All active members attend the four-day annual meeting in June, held in a beautiful retreat-like setting. Here major business is handled, members of the Steering Committee—New Day’s management board—are elected from the membership for two-year terms, and members share challenges and insights on distribution, marketing and filmmaking.

All members perform tasks to support the running of the collective. Such work might include researching group mailing lists, serving on the Steering Committee, coordinating catalogue production, acting as a buddy to new members and recruiting new members. Tasks fit into one of the Steering Committees functional areas: Acquisitions, Operations, Web-Ops, Print Promotions, and Finance.

New Day is not:

  • A funder. New Day Film does not provide funding of any kind. We are a group of independent filmmakers who make and market our own films. We do not provide any financial support for production, finishing funds or distribution advances.
  • A traditional distributor. New Day Films accepts films and the filmmaker who made them. We do not distribute your film for you.

  • An employer. As a collective of independent filmmakers, we do not have staff members.