How do I order a title?
Go to the page for the specific film, and click on Buy Film.

Can I preview the film before purchasing?
Most films have a trailer that you can view from the individual film page, which will give you a sense of the title and its style. Films are also available for preview for preview with the possibility of purchase. For more details, please view our preview policy on the order page.

Do you have different prices for non-profits? What institutions qualify as non-profits?
Yes. All of our films have lower prices for non-profit institutions. If you are purchasing through a college, university or a hospital, you pay the institutional price. If you are a public library or a non-profit organization, you qualify for the discounted rate. This special lower rate is also available for elementary, middle and high schools, both public and private schools. Small community colleges are not considered non-profits, but you may directly contact the filmmaker if your institution would like to purchase the film and has funding constraints.  

Can I stream New Day titles?
Many New Day titles are available for streaming for assigned student viewing and distance learning through New Day Digital. Please go to New Day Digital for details. If the title you would like to stream is not currently on New Day Digital, please contact the filmmaker or curator.

Why are New Day titles so expensive?
Our prices are similar to those of other comparable educational distributors. The higher cost includes educational rights, which are more extensive than those granted with home DVDs. The social issue films in our catalog are purchased and used primarily by educational and other institutions to screen regularly in front of groups. The titles typically address a niche issue and sell in relatively small numbers. Given the number of people who watch one copy at a single institution as well as the need to make back the significant production costs and help support our future independent filmmaking, we charge standard educational distribution prices, which are significantly higher than home DVD prices. If you are not an institution, you can contact the filmmaker for individual sale pricing.

Can I rent, rather than purchase, a film?
Many films are available for rental for one-time classroom showing. If you let us know the date you plan to show the DVD at least 2 weeks in advance, we will have it there a day or two before hand. You are responsible for returning the DVD to us the day after the showing. If you decide to purchase the film within 60 days, the rental cost is deducted from the purchase price. Please check the individual film page to see if a particular title is available for rental.

Can I purchase a New Day title as an individual?
Most filmmakers do have their own home DVD pricing and policies. Please write to the filmmaker (link on each film page) or the curator (curator@newday.com) about the specific title. If you purchase a DVD at the individual rate, it is for home use only. You will not be allowed to show it publicly, in the classroom, or any institution. Please respect and honor this policy.

I am a student and would like to use a title for research purposes. Can I rent an individual copy?
Yes. In most instances, filmmakers will rent a copy to individuals. Please write to filmmaker directly (link on each film page) or the curator (curator@newday.com) with your request. Again, please respect our policy and don't take advantage of this special student discount if you are planning on using the film in your classroom.

I already own a VHS, but would like to purchase a DVD. Can I receive a discount on the DVD purchase?
Yes. If you already own a VHS, you can purchase the DVD at a discounted price. Contact the filmmaker (link on each film page) or the New Day curator (curator@newday.com) for more details.

Can I add closed captions?
Yes. Please contact the curator for more details.

I am interested in having a New Day filmmaker come speak to my class or organization, how can I set this up?
Many New Day filmmakers regularly speak about their films. Please contact the filmmaker directly or the curator to set this up.

Does New Day market its titles overseas?
Currently New Day only markets its films in the US and Canada. However, if you are an interested institutional buyer, please write the curator for details on how to obtain a catalogue and purchase New Day titles.   

Can I purchase New Day titles if I live outside the US? Are your films available in other formats?
Yes. If you are interested in a particular title, please contact the filmmaker or the
curator to work out an arrangement.


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Does New Day provide completion funds for film projects?
No. New Day only considers films for submission once they are completed.

Does New Day accept fiction films into the cooperative or just documentaries?
New Day accepts social issue films whether they are documentary or fiction. For more details on joining New Day, please go to How To Join.

Do you accept short film and series?
Both feature-length, short films and series are welcome. However, films under an hour are usually more appropriate for the classroom as they enable both screening and discussion. For more details on joining New Day, please go to How To Join.  

Can I join New Day if I live outside of the United States?
We have never accepted a filmmaker from outside of the US. Many films produced overseas do not have strong educational marketing potential in the US. Members must be able to participate in New Day meetings and complete on-going tasks, which can be difficult for people living overseas. If you are interested in marketing your film to the US educational market, feel there is a potential market here, and feel that you can participate fully as a New Day member, please contact the curator.

Does New Day offer any jobs?    
No. As a cooperative, New Day does not have any employees.

I have a film idea. Can I send it to you?
If you have an idea for a film as well as funding secured and are looking for someone to help you make the film, then contact the curator and your request will be forwarded to the whole co-op. However, if you don't yet have financial support, we will not be able to respond to your ideas. We wish you lots of luck and let us know when the film gets completed!


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