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The Guarantee

by Jesse E Epstein

A dancer's hillarious story about his prominent nose and the effect it has on his career.

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Part 2 of BODY TYPED

Pinocchio, Schnozola, Sir Nose, Charles grows up to be self-conscious of his prominent Italian nose. Still, he was shocked when one of the teachers at his ballet academy asks him to consider plastic surgery to forward his career. Of course, in ballet, as in life, there are no guarantees as to whether it'll land him a starring role. The Guarantee uses illustration and humor to start serious discussions about body image, cultural identity, and often-dangerous pursuits of physical perfection.


THE BODY TYPED DVD includes all 3 short films on physical perfection:



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quote...the ending is both upbeat and unexpected in this engaging and innovative short.
Randy Pitman, Publisher/Editor
Video Librarian
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quoteAs a professional in the field of addictions, this film was layered with meaning for me. What it means to maintain a sense of cultural and ethnic identity in the face of pressure for "sameness", what it means to be beautiful, what part of yourself are you willing to give up for the sake of success. Regardless of your identity, this film can't help but strike familiar and sometimes painful chords and questions.
Michael Botticelli
Assistant Commissioner for Substance Abuse Services, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

quoteJesse Epstein remembers exactly when her life changed. It was before my grandmother died, Epstein recalls. She said, Look, you could either inherit $500, or I can spend it now and get you a camera. It totally changed everything.

For most of her life Epstein has been fascinated by the perception of beauty. Growing up in Boston, she moved to Mozambique for two years, where full-figured looks are celebrated. Moving back to the U.S., where the media promotes a punishing standard of beauty on women, Epstein enrolled in NYU Film School and decided to explore different issues surrounding body image.....

Jason Guerrasio
Filmmaker Magazine
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quoteAddressing the illusion of perfect bodies and flawless faces is necessary. Eating disorders, unnecessary surgeries, and mental distress, are all part of the "looks above all" society
Stewart Landers, JD, MCP
Associate Editor, American Journal of Public Health

quoteIn its 11-minute little life, The Guarantee, directed by Jesse Epstein , packs a wallop. Narrated in the first person by its protagonist, the film's main subject is never seen in person. Rather, he and his story are illustrated using hand drawn images by Robert Castillo, in a tour-de-force burst of pencil swipes, arcs, leaps and pirouettes, which is appropriate since Charles Farruggio is a ballet dancer with a really big nose. Humorous, witty and moving, Epstein's film pushes the boundaries of documentary, and what we end up seeing is a moving comic book version of a very personal and pretty traumatic story.
Pamela Cohn
Still In Motion: In-depth interviews with documentary/nonfiction filmmakers
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  • - Winner - Best Short Film: Newport International Film Festival
  • AFI/ Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
  • Mass MoCa Museum
  • Rooftop Films
  • Luna Fest
  • Mad Cat Film Festival

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The Guarantee

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