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Land of Opportunity

by Rebecca Snedeker, Luisa Dantas

The frontlines of the unprecedented rebuilding process in New Orleans.

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LAND OF OPPORTUNITY dives deep into the tumultuous reconstruction of New Orleans. Through the eyes of urban planners, community organizers, displaced youth, immigrant workers, and public housing residents, this verité-style documentary reveals how the story of this city is the story of urban America: how democratic processes can fail us, how economic crisis can pull the rug out from under us, and how (im)migration can prove to be a complicated bargain. As cities all over the world struggle to recover from disaster, whether economic, natural, or man-made, the lessons of post-Katrina New Orleans have only become more urgent.

quoteLAND OF OPPORTUNITY is an important part of the New Orleans story. It gets down and dirty with the people on the ground. Five years in the making, Luisa's film gives voice to everyday people working hard to rebuild their city and their lives. Anyone who cares about the future of cities in this country should see this movie!
Spike Lee, Filmmaker

quoteAs communities around the nation combat dramatic challenges, we face an unprecedented need to create effective new systems to support more efficient and sustainable community and economic development efforts. The stories told in LAND OF OPPORTUNITY offer much needed perspectives on the most pressing issues facing our urban areas.
Robert Greenwald, Filmmaker
Huffington Post

quoteLAND OF OPPORTUNITY reminds us — through its focus on individual stories and questions of opportunity and struggle, public housing and immigrant workers — that Katrina is about America as much as it is about New Orleans.
Alex Schafran, Planners Network

quoteRace and place are the two great themes of Post-Katrina New Orleans. This film is black history in the making.
Lolis Elie, Author and Journalist

quoteLAND OF OPPORTUNITY puts faces to the facts on the ground of post-Katrina New Orleans. Evocative and provocative, it is a compelling portrait of evacuation and return, race and citizenship, community and community organizing. Dantas' film follows a range of New Orleanians as they attempt to reclaim a normal existence -- access to their apartments, to electricity, to representation. Land of Opportunity speaks volumes for the thousands displaced and silenced by government manipulation in post-Katrina New Orleans.
Dr. Joel Dinerstein, Director of American Studies, Tulane University

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Land of Opportunity

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