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ANPO refers to the U.S.-Japan Mutual Security Treaty, which permits the continued presence of numerous U.S. military bases in Japan. In 1960, public resentment against the military presence erupted in massive popular demonstrations that were crushed by Japan’s C.I.A.-backed Prime Minister Kishi. A wide range of Japanese artists depicted this resistance with a rich archive of art and films, including many large-scale paintings long hidden from public view. Contemporary artists continue to draw on their predecessors’ legacy, depicting problems generated by the bases. Shot in high definition, the film reveals the extraordinary passion behind this buried treasure trove of paintings, photographs, anime, and documentary and narrative films.

quote"Shot in lavish high-def digital, ANPO offers as many opportunities for aesthetic appreciation and art-historical discovery as it does ffor insight into social and political history.
Ryan Holmberg
Art in America

quote"ANPO: Art X War is an important film that opens window to a Japan that most people have never seen and to the complexity of U.S.-Japan relations."
Dr. John Dower

full review

quote"ANPO: Art X War offers a stunning journey through postwar Japanese art and politics, an alternative history."
Tokyo Artbeat

quoteANPO is a subtle movie of conflicting ideas and mixed emotions. Its remarkable achievement is to enable viewers to appreciate complexity in some of the urgent issues the world needs to tackle.
Kei Hiruta


  • 2010 Toronto International Film Festival

    2010 Vancouver International Film Festival

    2010 DOC NYC Film Festiva

  • 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival
  • 2010 DOC NYC International Film Festival
  • 2011 Documentary Fortnight at MoMA
  • 2011 Hong Kong International Film Festival
  • Winner 2012 Erik Barnouw Award from Organization of American Historians

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