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With Babies and Banners

by Lorraine W Gray

The dramatic story of working women and men who changed American history, Oscar nominated and Grand Prize winner.

The victory of the Great General Motors Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan, in 1937 was the key to the success of the CIO's drive for industrial unionism. The now classic With Babies And Banners presents the untold story of the women--the working women, wives, mothers and sisters--who became the backbone of the strike. Forty years later, nine of these women reunite and dramatically show the relevance of their experience for working men and women today. Oscar nominated and recipient of a DuPont-Columbia Broadcast Journalism Award among many others, With Babies and Banners was directed and written by Lorraine W. Gray, and produced by Lorraine Gray with Lyn Goldfarb and Ann Bohlen. For more photos and information about With Babies And Banners, please visit

quote...a moving presentation of network building and support systems forty years ago. Marvelous, newly empowered women, developing confidence and pride, emerge as role models to serve as inspiration for us all.
American Association of University Women

quoteIt struck us as a winner! . . . "With Babies and Banners" is a piece of original historical research and deserves a place in serious documentary film archives.
Media and Methods

quoteSmoothly professional . . . the images are startling and moving.
The Washington Post

quoteFull of drama, insight and general good humor, coupled with a remarkable use of stock footage . . . "With Babies and Banners" succeeds in making concerns that were alive 40 years ago strikingly relevant for today as well.

quote. . . should be seen by every mother's son and daughter in the United States.
Film Comment

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  • Academy Award Nominee, Best Feature Documentary
  • Grand Prize, American Film & Video Festival
  • DuPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism Award
  • Award of Excellence, National Film Advisory Board
  • Gold Ducat, Mannheim International Film Festival
  • International Medallion, Le Prix Georges-Sadoul, Paris
  • First Prize, Festival de Cinema, Portugal
  • Silver Sesterce, Nyon International Film Festival
  • Golden Venus, Miami International Film Festival
  • John Grierson Award and Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival
  • Outstanding Film of the Year, London Film Festival

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With Babies and Banners

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Appropriate for: High School College/University

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