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What Do You Believe?

by Sarah Feinbloom

The religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers

What Do You Believe? - profiles diverse group of teenagers as they share their most personal beliefs about God, the purpose of life, morality, suffering, prayer, death and religious freedom in the United States. Weaving in-depth profiles with fast-moving commentary from scores of young people, this lively and highly acclaimed film paints a broad picture of the religious and spiritual lives of American youth as it delves deeply into the issues that are at the heart of humanity. What Do You Believe? features Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Native American, Jewish, Pagan as well as Christian teens. Accompanied by an in-depth 28 page activities guide, What Do You Believe? is an excellent resource for exploring and promoting tolerance and religious diversity in high schools and youth programs. What Do You Believe? is a also a great tool for community groups and congregations to use to encourage and support interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

quote<b>What Do You Believe?</b> is a sensitively filmed and artfully edited "discussion-provoker"
David Streight, Director, Religious Studies in Secondary Schools,
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quoteThis richly textured documentary portrays the variety of different religious traditions in the United States as well as the quest by youth for an authentic spirituality. It should serve as an excellent teaching tool at the high school and college levels.
Donald E. Miller
Executive Director of the Center For Religion and Civic Culture
University of Southern California

quoteThis film works so well in the classroom because it truly connects to teens and their experiences.
Gregg Turpin, History Teacher
Boston Latin School, Boston, MA

quoteA compelling educational peacemaking film without being didactic, sectarian, or doctrinaire. Every public school, congregation and youth program in the country should have a copy of it.
Rev. Paul Chaffee, Director
Interfaith Center at the Presidio, San Francisco, CA


  • PBS Screening
  • Named one of the Ten Best Videos for Young Adults in 2003 by the Young Adult Library Services Association
  • Official Selection 25th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival
  • Official Selection 2003 Toronto International Children's Film Festival

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What Do You Believe?

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Appropriate for: Elementary School Middle School High School College/University

Special Features: 28-page Interactive Discussion/Activity Guide CLOSED CAPTIONED