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The Times of a Sign


A folk history of the Iran-Contra affair

How do two men who were raised with the same fundamental and conservative values part ways and find themselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum? An inquiry into some of the more ironic aspects of the Iran-Contra affair, The Times of a Sign provides a unique bridge between the more remote lives of middle Americans and the very center of political power and influence in the Federal Government. This humorous and anecdotal tale provides perspective on some of the ethical, political and judicial questions raised by the scandal and ultimately questions the accountability for Iran-Contra crimes.

Jennifer Braun
The Star Ledger
full review

Bruce Fretts
Entertainment Weekly
full review

quoteThis is one of those instances where very large issues become clarified through the courageous action of an obscure person.
Howard Zinn
Professor Emeritus, Boston University

quoteClearly a different kind of Iran-Contra story.
The Washington Post

quoteThis down home documentary, complete with rollicking folk score, is a real treat, a poker faced inquiry into the more ludicrous aspects of the Iran-Contra affair and the prejudice of local politics.
Newark Star-Ledger


  • Gold Plaque, INTERCOM '94
  • Silver, Worldfest Charleston
  • P.O.V. Series, PBS Television Network
  • Bronze, Worldfest Houston
The Times of a Sign

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