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Song of the Canary


A pioneer documentary, looking at environmental dangers in America

The powerful story of the hidden dangers in the American workplace.

quote“WILL BECOME A CLASSIC…a cinematic introduction of men’s liberation. A mirror of our own lives, doubts and anxieties.”
Warren Farrell, author, The Liberated Man

quote“WITH INSIGHT AND HUMOR…deals with the pressure, competition and loneliness of being male in America.”
Linda Gross, Los Angeles Times

quote“SENSITIVE, GROUND BREAKING…delves deeper into the male psyche than any film I’ve seen.”
Howard Kissel, Women’s Wear Daily

quoteThere are fascinating shots of children at play where boys are encouraged to be aggressive "because they're going to become breadwinners." We also hear boys talking about what it means to be a man: "being tough", "making money." Later we meet adults who are the result of this kind of upbringing.
Jack Neher, Hospital and Community Psychiatry


Song of the Canary

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Appropriate for: High School College/University

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