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Metropolitan Avenue


Women fighting for a Brooklyn community

Metropolitan Avenue is an inspiring film about community, about the changing role of women, and about how powerful ordinary people can be when they join together to fight for something they believe in. The film focuses on a lively Brooklyn neighborhood which, like many urban areas, faces problems caused by racial tensions and cutbacks in municipal services. But in this case, a group of "traditional" homemakers from varied ethnic backgrounds rises to the challenge and forms coalitions to fight for the community's survival. frank and robust and unafraid and wonderful as the handful of women who are its 'stars'...a warming, lingering, renewing portrait of bedrock America.
Sheila Benson
Los Angeles Times

quote...the intimacy of a kitchen conversation, the wry humor of difficult lives and the spirit of a people simply unwilling to give up. An inspiring work.
Shelterforce Magazine


  • John Grierson Award, American Film & Video Festival
  • Special Jury Prize, Leipzig International Film Festival
  • Competition, Mannheim International Film Festival
  • Premiere, Film Forum, New York City
  • Festival Dei Popoli, Italy
Metropolitan Avenue

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Appropriate for: College/University

Special Features: 49 min. version available in video

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