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Letter to the Next Generation

by Jim Klein

Today's college students and the world they live in

Set at Kent State, twenty years after four students were shot dead by National Guardsmen during an anti-war demonstration, the film uses that benchmark event to gauge the feelings of today's students about activism, success, racism, getting ahead and having a good time. Non-judgmental in tone, Letter to the Next Generation offers significant insight into the changes of the past two decades, and starts wonderful discussions.

quoteA first-rate work of cinema journalism! Personal and opinionated, Letter to the Next Generation is rich and dense with detail. The voices it hears are authentic, as is the filmmaker's.
The New York Times

quoteI have just finished creating a sociology course entitled 'Values and Society.' This film will serve as an inspiration to my students.
Elizabeth Rooney
San Francisco State University

Vincent Canby
New York Times
full review

Kevin Reid
The Detroit Metro Times
full review


  • P.O.V. Series, PBS Television Network
Letter to the Next Generation

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Appropriate for: College/University