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It's STILL Elementary

by Debra Chasnoff, Johnny Symons

The movie and the movement about addressing homophobia in schools

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It's STILL Elementary presents a moving story about the power to ignite positive social change through documentary film and grassroots organizing. It examines the incredible impact of another New Day title, It's Elementary - Talking About Gay Issues in School, over the last decade and follows up with teachers and students featured in the first film to see how lessons about LGBT people changed their lives. It's STILL Elementary also documents the story behind the controversial PBS broadcast of It's Elementary and the infamous right-wing attacks on the film and its creators. It's STILL Elementary is a call to action for parents and educators to continue working for safe, inclusive schools.


quote'It's STILL Elementary' is a powerful call to action to stop ignoring anti-gay slurs, and work for more welcoming and inclusive classrooms. Nobody can watch this movie and walk away without feeling that they too have a role to play in creating a climate that respects and protects all youth.
Rhonda Thomason
Grants Administrator, Teaching Tolerance

quoteAs a professor of education, I am always on the look out for new resources that help my student teachers address issues of prejudice. Featuring real students and unique stories, 'It's STILL Elementary' is a thrilling reminder of why we cannot overlook anti-LGBT bias in those efforts.
Celia Oyler
Director, Elementary Inclusive Education Program, Columbia University

quote'It's STILL Elementary' impresses upon the viewer that we have not come as far as we would have liked since its first release; that the issues are still present in the lives of school children every day in school and in their community, and the need for all of us to address these issues is even more important today than it was 12 years ago. In these troubling times when the distance between us appears to have grown even greater these past few years, this film shows us that our children, our teachers and our families can truly lead us up the path to acceptance, understanding, compassion and peace.
Dr. Irvin Howard, past-president, California League of Middle Schools
National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform Board of Directors


  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Madrid Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - Audience Award

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appleInformation about the IT'S STILL ELEMENTARY Study Guide

Each DVD comes with an electronic and print version of an extensive curriculum guide that can be easily used by parent advocates, university educators, or K-12 educators. The guide has been widely hailed as an independent resource that is one of the best in the field.

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It's STILL Elementary

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Appropriate for: High School College/University

Special Features:

The It's STILL Elementary DVD includes the original full-length film, It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School, and the 37-minute educational training version. The new DVD features Spanish subtitles, closed captioning, a PDF file of the new, 136 page It's Elementary guide to community organizing, professional development, K-8 curriculum and many more bonus features.

All orders, except for public libraries, also receive a hard copy of the highly acclaimed 136-page organizing and teaching guide.

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