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Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World

by Pat Ferrero

Living life in balance with nature

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World is a compelling study of the Hopi that captures their deep spirituality and reveals their integration of art and daily life. Amidst the beautiful images of Hopi land and life, a variety of Hopi--a farmer, religious elder, grandmother, painter, potter and weaver--speak about the preservation of the Hopi way. High School version available

Edward Guthmann
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle
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Robert Taylor
The Tribune
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Media & Methods
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quoteQuite simply put, this is the finest documentary I have yet seen on a North American Indian people or subject.
Dr. Alfonso Ortiz
Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico


  • Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah
  • Red Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Special Award, National Educational Film & Video Festival

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appleDownload HOPI Handbook

    Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World: A Resource Handbook

    A 30-page, illustrated handbook by Pat Ferrero, edited by Edith A. Folb, Ph.D.

    This handbook for Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World is available for download using the link below and it includes the following:


·      Preface: A Filmmaker's Journey

·      Introduction to the Film

·      Introductory Notes on the Hopi

·      Social Organization

·      Corn & Linguistics: Two Accounts

·      The Hopi Environmental Ethos

·      Songs of the Fourth World

·      Script Annotations

·      Annotated Bibliography: Selected Readings

·      Guide to Museums

·      Contributors

appleAmerican Indian Heritage Foundation

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Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World

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