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Gay Youth

by Pam Walton

Breaking the silence surrounding gay and lesbian teens.

Gay Youth was nominated for the Young Adult Library Association's 2006 Select DVD List. It is also included in WW. Norton's 2009 DVD compilation, Sociology in Practice: Thinking about Inequality. Gay Youth continues to be one of the most widely used educational tools about gay and lesbian young people.

Adolescence is a time when teenagers need to feel secure in a peer group. But adolescents who are different often have no one to relate to and suffer isolation and bullying. Gay and lesbian young people are at especially high risk for dropping out of school, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, homelessness, and even suicide.

Gay Youth is a powerful and accessible educational video for high schools and colleges that breaks the silence surrounding adolescent homosexuality. Across the nation this award-winning video and its 16-page study guide are being used by educators and organizations that care for young people. By contrasting the tragic death of 20-year old Bobby Griffith, a gay teen who could not find acceptance, with the remarkable life of 17-year old Gina Gutierrez, this important video shows us that information, acceptance, and support make enormous differences in the lives of these young people.

quoteIf instructors have time and resources for just one videotape, it should be Gay Youth for its insightful treatment of coming out, parental support, peer harassment, and suicide among gay and lesbian teens.
Robert-Jay Green
California School of
Professional Psychology

quoteStudents see Gay Youth as an important source for learning about the experiences of lesbian and gay youth. The contrast between the two major stories makes for excellent discussion about the risk factors involved in growing up gay in a homophobic and heterosexist society.
Arnold H. Grossman, PhD, Professor
Department of Applied Psychology
Steinhardt School of Education
New York University

quote<b>Gay Youth</b> lets lesbian and gay young people and their families tell their seldom heard stories. It depicts both the pain of growing up on the margins of an intolerant society -- and the joy of achieving self-acceptance and confidence.
Frances Kunreuther, Director
Hetrick-Martin Institute, New York City

quoteGay Youth did everything I could have hoped for and more. I'll use it again and again in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and in an overall Introduction to Human Sexuality. I am always thrilled when I feel that even one student has been truly affected by something in my class, and that was surely the case with this DVD.
Michelle G. Dolnick, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Adjunct Professor / Dept. of Psychology
University of Cincinnati

quoteSexual identity issues are an important subject area that should receive attention in public library collections. Gay Youth is circulating well within our system, so I know there is a need out there.
Barbara Clapp, Coordinator
Health Information Project
Mid-Hudson Library System
Poughkeepsie, NY

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  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network
  • Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival
  • Silver Award, Philadelphia International Film Festival
  • "Gays and Film: Get Reel" Museum of Modern Art, New York City
  • "Gay Youth" is used by the Department of Education in Massachussetts as part of its Safe Schools Program.

Resource Web Sites

appleGay Lesbian Straight Educators Network (GLSEN)

Promotes respect for all members of the school community regardless of sexual orientation. 212-727-0135

appleParents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Local support groups nationwide. 1-800-4-FAMILY / 24 hours, 7 days a week

Visit the official website for Gay Youth

Gay Youth

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Appropriate for: High School College/University

Special Features:

Closed captioned. 16-page study guide includes the 20 questions most often asked about homosexuality.

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