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A Sentence Apart

by Theo Rigby

The United States imprisons more people, per capita, than any country in the world - A Sentence Apart follows three families as they cope with the infinite ripple effects of incarceration in the U.S.

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The U.S.A. imprisons more people, per capita, than any country in the world. Behind 2.4 million prisoners lies an infinite ripple effect of incarceration on the family and community. A Sentence Apart follows three stories of people coping with a family member in prison, attempting to bridge broken relationships, and diligently working to reverse the generational cycle of incarceration.  Tenea is a high school senior whose father has been in and out of jail for her entire life, while Linda Williams makes a 20-hour bus trip to visit her youngest daughter, who is serving a 68 year sentence.  Cheyanne is 16 years old and can remember only one birthday that her dad attended.  Soon after her father gets out of jail, Cheyanne confronts him about the emotional toll incarceration has taken on her.  These intimate and moving stories start to scratch the surface of the complex toll incarceration takes on the world outside of the prison walls.

quoteA Sentence Apart speaks volumes about the complexity of issues facing the families and children of the incarcerated. This small gem of a film is a must for criminal justice practitioners and students, teachers, social workers, incarcerated or formally incarcerated parents, or anyone interested in the impact of the criminal justice system on the families left behind. It is an invaluable tool.
Ruth Morgan, Executive Director, Community Works West


  • Official selection--2010 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
  • Official selection--2010 NextReel Film Festival, Singapore
  • Official selection--2009 Bend Film Festival
  • Official selection--2009 Sacramento Film and Music Festival
  • Official selection--2009 NextFrame Film Festival
  • Official selection--2009 Urbanworld Film Festival

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A Sentence Apart

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