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by Jesse E Epstein

Mannequins, perfection, and religion.

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Part 3 of BODY TYPED

34 x 25 x 36 is the third installment in a trilogy of films (including “The Guarantee” and the Sundance award-winning “Wet Dreams and False Images”) examining issues of body image from quirky and revealing angles. This time, we are taken into the inner workings of the Patina V Mannequin Factory in the City of Industry, Calif., where the artistry, craft and marketing that go into creating “the ideal woman of the moment” — in plastic — are accompanied by a remarkable amount of reflection on just what that ideal means (one thing it means is a 34” x 25” x 36” figure).

Patina V is a place where the owner will tell women (and then run for cover), “There are no perfect bodies out there. We make the perfect body.” And the chief designer harkens back to the roots of his craft not only in French 19th-century wax figures but also in the religious icons of medieval times.


THE BODY TYPED DVD includes all 3 short films on physical perfection:



- 34x25x36 (8 Min.)

and DVD extras including the NY Times Video Op-Ed "Sex, Lies and Photoshop"

quote3 Stars -- Recommended
Patina V makes what company owner Norman Glazer calls "the perfect body": female mannequins sized 34 x 25 x 36. In filmmaker Jesse Epstein's engaging and disquieting documentary short, viewers are taken on a brief tour of the
Patina V factory...

Randy Pitman
Video Librarian
full review

quote...examining issues of body image from quirky and revealing angles.
Cathy Fisher
full review

quoteA look at some of the best short films from this year's SXSW Film Festival. The title of this fascinating documentary refers to the dimensions of the perfect woman, as defined by the owner of the Patina V mannequin factory in California... By turns informative, funny and unsettling, 34 x 25 x 36 is a 100% perfect documentary.
David Lowery
Spout Blog -- Reel Shorts
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  • National PBS Broadcast on P.O.V

  • Winner: Luna Fest 2009

  • Featured in the Youtube Screening Room
    Over 1 million views in 4 days

  • SXSW Premiere

  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

  • True/False Documentary Film Festival

  • Mass Moca Screening

  • Boston Independent Film Festival

  • Citizen Jane Women's Film Festival

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Appropriate for: High School College/University

Special Features:

BODY TYPED DVD -- 3 films on 1 DVD! for $299!

Wet Dreams and False Image, The Guarantee and 34x25x36

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