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Collection-Wide 30% Discount for Customers Upgrading from VHS!

We know that media librarians are trying to keep their current film and video collections available, even as they adapt to technological changes. That’s why we are offering a collection-wide 30% discount on DVDs for any institution that currently owns that title on VHS. Use the discount code VHSWOW to activate this offer.

If you own a VHS or DVD copy of a particular title, you can also receive 30% off a variety of institutional streaming options for that same title, easily accessible on our dedicated portal. We offer a multi-year institutional stream, a 14-day in-class license, and a 90-day on-demand license. Just click the box “MY INSTITUTION ALREADY OWNS THIS TITLE ON DVD OR VHS” to receive the discount.

Take this opportunity to upgrade your New Day Films collection now. Email or visit us online at

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