Distribute with New Day

Why New Day?

If you are interested in submitting a film to New Day Films, please fill out our letter of inquiry form.  We use a collective process of curation to decide which films and new members to bring into New Day.  Our members screen all submitted films and select films based on the subject matter and the quality of filmmaking.



Distributing independent social issue films since 1971, New Day has developed a strong brand within the educational community, built a huge knowledge base on effective distribution and marketing, and grown revenues to over $1 million annually. When you join New Day you become part of a dynamic, democratically run collective of filmmakers.

We sell our films to educational organizations nationwide, including universities, colleges, high schools, public libraries, prison libraries, community organizations, hospitals, labor unions, and political and religious organizations. Our collective model empowers each of us to actively market our own films through emails and direct mail, as well as to jointly sell our compelling social issue films through our web site and catalog. Moreover, today New Day is at the forefront of new distribution models, working with customers to develop new digital delivery options.  

New Day has a dedicated fulfillment office, which ships our films, bills our customers, issues monthly accounting and royalty statements, and provides mailing lists of market-tested customers. This service frees up filmmakers to focus on marketing and making their films. Advantages of being a New Day member include:

  • We are part of a vibrant creative filmmaking community and network, sharing resources, connections and knowledge about distribution, fundraising and production.
  • We each make all marketing and distribution decisions about our own films, allowing us to control communications about our films.
  • We receive income from our sales every month.
  • We each keep 60-70% of the profits (rather than 20-30% common with traditional distributors) and a clear understanding of New Day expenses.
  • Our films are part of the New Day collection, which is a strong, well-respected brand within the educational community.
  • Our films are promoted through New Day’s website and catalogue.
  • Our dedicated fulfillment house handles all shipping and billing.
  • We all have access to lists of buyers of other New Day films.
  • We learn marketing and distribution skills from each other.